Character List

Character List

Born and raised in Manhasset, Long Island on March 4th.  Upon graduating from NYU, Elisabeth moved to Los Angeles to be with her college boyfriend.  Four years later, at the age of 26 she has found herself back in NYC after a devastating breakup. After a rough start it surely looks like she beginning to find her way.  She is currently working at one of the most prestigious investment banks and is on the fast track to achieving her career goals.  While Elisabeth certainly has it together in her professional life, she needs help in her personal life.  She is definitely flawed and makes mistakes but her heart is always in the right place.  Her journey is just beginning as she seeks love, success, happiness and adventure in NYC.

  • John - Elisabeth's oldest brother
  • Kristen - John's wife
  • Ryan - Elisabeth's older brother by 5 years; work for a hedge fund.  
  • Tina - Ryan's wife; a lawyer by profession
  • Danny - Elisabeth's brother; they are only two years apart and super close
  • Victoria - Danny's wife

A 32 year old widower who lost the love of his life and is trying to find true love once again.  He is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut and graduated from Yale.  Recently he gave up his career to work at his dad's architectural firm in NYC.  He is kind, generous, intelligent, extremely handsome, loyal and dedicated but a private person.  He meets Elisabeth one night at speed dating and is truly captivated by her.  His birthday is November 9th.
  • Isabella - the love of Lukas' life.  The woman he felt he was going to spend the rest of his life with.  Sadly she was taken away from him far too soon.
  • Lauren - Lukas' sister who seems to be up to no good
  • Liam - Lauren's two year old son
  • Stephanie - Lauren's four year old daughter
  • Jeff - Lauren's estranged husband  

Elisabeth's boyfriend from that fated day sophomore year when they met in Statistics class.  After graduation he and Elisabeth moved back to his hometown - Los Angeles.  Their relationship took a nosedive once he started law school but that didn't stop him from proposing to Elisabeth.  They were engaged and a devastating secret tore them apart.  

Elisabeth's extremely supportive, bubbly childhood friend.  She is Elisabeth's partner is crime and always has her back.  Britney also went to NYU and currently works in marketing in the city.  She's been unlucky in love so far but that doesn't stop her from dreaming. 

Another one of Elisabeth's childhood friends.  Melissa is a straight shooter and tells is like it sugar coating here.  She seemingly has it all together.  A successful business, a wonderful boyfriend and fabulous friends and family.  While a little judgmental, she only wants what's best for her friends and family.
  • Josh -  Melissa's fiance

Anthony is Elisabeth male best friend.  From the time they were small, they were inseparable.  Even through the awkward elementary school days they maintained a strong friendship.  However, once Elisabeth started dating Jason they drifted apart.  Now that Elisabeth is back in NYC she is determined to recapture their friendship.  Anthony works as a successful accountant.
  • Amy - Anthony's fiance who wreaks havoc. She is definitely not who she appears to be and does the unexpected.  She dislikes Elisabeth and has many secrets.
  • Alison  - Amy's cousin and also Elisabeth's manager's executive assistant.  From Elisabeth's first day Alison has been difficult and unyielding.  
  • Eric - Anthony's childhood best friend
Went to Columbia University with Melissa and is now Elisabeth's roommate and dear friend.  She is currently in medical school.  

Elisabeth's work friend.  He is attractive, smart, witty and is very much crushing on Elisabeth.   

Elisabeth's work friend and colleague.  He is married with twins.  

One of Elisabeth's colleagues and her mentor.  He pushes her to achieve her professional goals.

Elisabeth's manager

Elisabeth's first cousin.  She's 27, lives out on Long Beach, Long Island and is a speech pathologist. She loves life but deep down she is still mourning her dad's death.

Elisabeth's first love.  They dated all through high school and continued a long distance relationship throughout the first semester of college but things fizzled.  After blowing out his knee and being dropped by the Philadelphia Phillies farm team, he has returned home and is pursing a Master's degree in Education.  Joe also has a two year old daughter that lives in West Palm Beach with his ex.

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