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Monday, April 3, 2017

One Month Later

A loud cry pierces the quiet of the night and my eyes pop open.  Our son Dylan is wailing.  Lukas is laying beside me, breathing softly as he sleeps.  The painkillers totally knock him out.  It's been 17 days since his surgery, which was successful and ten days since I had given birth to Dylan.  

I was a four days overdue and totally stressed having spent most of my time scurrying (I mean waddling) to the hospital to visit with Lukas and rushing back home to my children.  Needless to say I was beyond exhausted.  I was grateful when, out of the blue, Priya stopped by with goodies.  We were devouring decadent chocolate cupcakes when I went into labor.  In less than three hours, I gave birth to a healthy, seven pound, three ounce baby boy with Priya by my side. When Lukas had surgery I had no idea who would be my birthing coach but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Even though Lukas and I were in the same hospital, I couldn't take a newborn to ICU to see him.  I struggled to come up with the perfect name, until finally deciding on Dylan.  About ten months earlier, Lukas and I were frolicking on the beaches of Saint Lucia, celebrating our wedding anniversary. We saw a very pregnant woman and her husband walking on the beach and overheard them discussing baby names.  Out of the blue Lukas mentioned that he loved the name Dylan.  Now that I think of it we must have conceived Dylan during that trip.

Both my parents and Lukas' stayed at our house and babysat the kids while we were away.  Lukas had planned it all and surprised me.  At first I was hesitant but Lukas put so much effort into planning this romantic trip that I couldn't say no.  From the moonlit walks on the beach, to super relaxing massages, to parasailing, to talking endlessly about our future, to that uber romantic dinner cruise with just the two of us...mmm that night was so perfect.  Lukas rented a yacht and had arranged for dinner to be served.  Lobster, broccoli and mashed potatoes with red velvet cake for dessert and an endless supply of champagne.  Sailing around St. Lucia was so relaxing and romantic.  

The stars in the cloudless sapphire blue sky looked like sparking diamonds.  We escaped to the top level of the yacth and get a better view.  Lukas was standing behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist.  His fingers tracing circles on my flat stomach.  I turn around and brush my fingers against his jaw, before tracing his lips super slowly.  He gently grabs my hand and kisses it.  His fingers tipping my chin up and kissing me passionately.  My hand trails down between our bodies and settles on his rock hard abs before brushing the base of penis over his linen pants.  He moans into our kiss, picks me up, carries over to a sitting area with pillows all around.  He lays me on back and pushes up my white cutout dress.  His lips never leave mine as his fingers tease me, making me even wetter.  My back arches as two fingers slide into me and thrust slowly.  As I'm about to orgasm Lukas removes his fingers and smiles at me as I groan in frustration.  

"Not yet babe" he says huskily, bringing his fingers to his mouth.

So turned on I sit up and quickly unbutton his shirt, kissing his neck, trailing my tongue down his chest before nipping his nipples.  He yelps in surprise and I wink at him.  Our eyes lock, my fingers fumbling with his belt.  He helps me pull off his pants and underwear and stands in front of me in only an open white linen shirt.  He motions for me to turn around and I do, allowing him to unzip and take off my dress.  I turn around and his hands immediately cup my breasts.  The tip of his fingers gently teasing my rock hard nipples.  I stroke his hard cock slowly, feeling it throb.  

"I want you so bad" I whisper breathlessly. 

He kisses me once more.  I'm now straddling him, I gyrate my hips, wanting to tease him more.  His hands are squeezing my ass cheeks almost pulling me onto him.  I lick my lips and gently lower my hips only letting his cockhead inside.  I do this a few times until he moans.  I grab his face as I keep teasing him, letting a little more of him inside me each time.  

"You're killing me Elisabeth" he grunted.

"Mmmm and you fucking love it" I giggle.

With that I raise my hips and lowered them quickly.  Taking all of him inside me.  I gasp in pleasure, my body stretching around his perfect cock.  I start riding him slowly and stopping to grind against him.  Each movement bringing me closer and closer.  My body starts to shake and my breathing is getting shallower.  Lukas starts thrusting from under me.  I arch my back and feel my orgasm wash over me.  Moaning his name loudly as the sensations wash over my entire body.  Lukas keeps thrusting into me but now harder and deeper.  His eyes glazed over, a sheen of sweat on his face.  I lean forward and nip his lower lip.  He groans and kisses me hard, his tongue teasing mine.  Knowing that he's close, I start riding him fast, squeezing him tightly inside me.  It doesn't take long for him to grunt and explode deep inside me, both of us trying to catch our breath.  The moonlight illuminating us.  

"I love you so much....I can't believe it's been 10 years" he says breathlessly.

"Fuck...time flies.  Did you think you'd end up with me?  I mean we didn't have the best start with me flipping out when you were having lunch with Lauren that time?"

He chuckles, "That was some crazy shit but I always knew you had potential."

"Potential?1?" I ask curiously.

"Yes, relationship potential.  Sure you were a bit dramatic and over the top but you kept me on my toes and made me feel young again."

I smile, "You are young."

"You know what I mean.  Without you I don't know where I'd be.....probably in my old apartment working away."

I wrap my arms around him, "I love you Lukas, more than anything.  I never thought that I'd find someone like you."

"I'm the lucky one, you bring out the best in me" he said gazing into my eyes.

"Hmm, these past ten years have been amazing" I whisper.

"And the best is yet to come" he says with a grin before kissing my neck.

The memory of that evening makes me smile.  I crawl out of bed and walk to the nursery and gently lift Dylan out of the bassinet.  I kiss him and settle onto the rocking share overlooking our backyard.  The sky full of stars like that glorious night in St. Lucia. As I nurse Dylan I can't help but be grateful that Lukas was on the mend and that everything seemed right again. 


  1. Love reading to blog. Keep up the great work !!

  2. I hope you keep writing more in this story.


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