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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading, sticking by me and the wonderful comments.  Apologies for not posting recently.  It's crazy having an infant and a toddler and finding five minutes to do anything!  I have not forgotten about the blog at all.  I totally have a plan just not the time.  I will try to post later this week or early next week but no promises because we all know how terribly busy life can get.

Hope you're all doing well:-)



  1. Thanks for checking in!! Can't wait to hear what's next

  2. When did you have the baby? Congrats!! Boy or girl? Please take care of yourself first and take your time. We aren't going anywhere :).

  3. Hope you come back soon, miss your amazing writing!! On another note, does anyone have any links to blogs that they currently read that are actively posting right now? All of the ones that I used to read seem to have all stopped posting around the same time (not complaining, I get how busy life can be and blogs are free!!). I need some new reading material though!!!

    1. Agreed!!! The only active one seems to be New With Tags (which is great).

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