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Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Blog and Update

Hi Guys,

Hope all of you are having a fantastic summer!  I know it's been a while since I posted about starting a new blog.  I meant to give a heads up sooner than this but shortly after that post I found I out that I was pregnant!!  A part from being slightly surprised but super excited and happy, I had a difficult first trimester.  Anyways, I'm doing a little better now and super psyched for the new addition to our little family.

Below is the link to my new blog:

I had initially planned to post weekly. However, with a super active nine-month old that's teething and my business, making time with my husband and preparing for our new baby, I can't make any promises.  This pregnancy has definitely been harder than my first and I'm super tired most of the time but I do feel blessed.  I can't wait to meet our new baby in March!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Remember Me?!?

Hi Guys....remember me?!?  The blogger that up and disappeared on your guys for a little.  It wasn't my intention and I am truly sorry about that.  I've received all the emails and messages over the course of the past six months but have been crazy busy keeping up with my little one and the changes going on in my own life.  My son is simply amazing and I absolutely love motherhood! My husband and I are truly blessed and cannot imagine our lives without our baby.

I know many of you have wondered what happened to my new blog.  I wanted to continue Elisabeth's story but the negativity was too much for me to deal with.  I totally understand constructive criticism and appreciate it but I was getting emails about how horrible my blog was.  It was just too much and I needed an out.  I wasn't in the position to deal with the questions and I felt that I went back on my word so I ended up disabling comments (they're active again).

My family has not only expanded with our new addition but I am in the process of starting my own business (maybe I'm a lot more like Elisabeth that I've  that allows me the flexibility to be more of a stay at home mom.  I did go back to work for a couple weeks but I was so heartbroken leaving my baby with our nanny (even though she was fabulous, loving and treated our baby as her own).  My husband always told me to follow my heart and that's what I did.  I ended up resigning to start my business and be more of a stay at home mom.  My husband, family and friends have been uber supportive and I can't be happier.

That said, I have one other project that I'm thinking of...........A BRAND NEW BLOG........totally new characters, story lines, etc.. I have an idea but I wanted to test the waters and see if there is interest.

I have not started writing but I have a ton of ideas.  Anyway, I apologize for being a flake and disappearing.  I miss you guys and would love to know your thoughts.